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Handbar Only Original Xiaomi Ninebot Stand up Electric Scooter Trolley Handbar with Cell Phone Holder Specification: Material: Metal Alloy Size: Approx 70*37cm Color: Black, White Weight: Approx 1.3kg Package Size: 69*20*10cm Feature: * Simple design, easy to disassemble, and does not affect the structure design of Xiaomi balance electric scooter. * Xiaomi balance electric scooter is foot control lever, and it will be more safe and convenient after the installation of our hand control lever. * Assembly design, it has a good coordination, easy to carry. * With cell phone holder, which can maximum support 5.5 inch screen mobile phone. * The phone can connect Xiaomi APP to know the status of the operation at any time. * C-handle design suit for a variety of somatosensory ways to control. * The ergonomic design process, suitable for all ages people. How to install: 1. Uncover label; 2. Remove the six fixed screws; 3. Take off the foot controller; 4. Install a connector; 5. Mount extension rod; 6. Install handlebar; 7. Finish installation. Packages Includes: 1 x Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Scooter Trolley Handbar (with Cell Phone Holder) Without a scooter
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