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0 127mm standard stainless steel wire brush for metal anilox roller купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 Color Silver + golden Material Steel + copper Features Carving engraving slotting grinding polishing etc Application Cut the fin burr and weld joint of casting forging; Finish machining various metal grinding tools; Finishing process of impeller passage; The processing for chamfer rounding groove of various machine part; Finishing process the inner hole surface of machine part; Carving of metal and nonmetal Other Triangle shape: head: 3.17mm handle: 3.17mm; Cylinder shape: head: 3.17mm handle: 3.17mm; Inverted cone shape: head: 3.1mm handle: 3.17mm; Sphere shape: head: 3.1mm handle: 3.17mm; Umbrella shape: head: 6mm handle: 3.17mm; Large straight tooth shape: head: 8mm; handle: 3.17mm; Wire brush: head: 15mm handle: 3.17mm; Hard high speed steel rotary file replace the small grinding wheel with handle arbitrarily cut and process the metal and nonmetal within HRC70 Packing List 6 x Milling cutters 1 x Polishing wire brush
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