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This set of 16 Brushes is the ultimate makeup brush collection for professional finishes of your makeup essentials. Made of dense-packed, nature hairs for extreme softness is also well-suited for applying make up to sensitive skin. The brushes come in a PU leather cylinder brush case to keep the brushes clean and organized. Includes Powder Brush: Made of goat hairs. Blush Brush: Made of goat hairs. Angled Contour Brush: Made of goat hairs. Foundation Brush: Made of synthetic hairs. Eyeshadow Brushes: Made of synthetic hairs. 4 Pcs Eyeshadow Brushes: Made of sable hairs. Lip Brush: Made of sable hairs. Angled Eyebrow Brush: Made of sable hairs. Concealer Brush: Made of sable hairs. Precise Eyeliner Brush: Made of sable hairs. Sponge Eyeshadow Brush: Made of sponge. Lash/Brow Comb: Made of Nylon hairs. Eyelash Mascara Brush: Made of hog bristles. Textured Pu Leather Cylinder Brush Case. Features Goat and sable hair. Wood handle with metal ferrules. Travel friendly. Perfect for both professional use and personal use. Clean with the specialized brush cleaner and mild antibacterial cleansers for longer lasting bristles. Overviews Item Type Makeup Brush Set Brush Hair Material Goat/Sable Hair Handle Material Wood Handle With Metal Ferrules Cylinder Dimension 24 x 6 x7 cm Brush Quantity 16 PCS
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