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4 sockets car cigarette lighter charger adapter with dual usb ports black silver dc 12v купить по лучшей цене

Dual USB Adapter Charger & Cigarette Lighter Sockets & Digital Voltmeter Description: 100% Brand new and high quality. Short circuit / overheat protection. Multifunctional product, perfect for travel use. Waterproof dustproof material can be used for the interior and exterior application. Can be installed vertically, horizontally or underneath the dash, or any flat surface. Easy to install - no need to cut out a big hole in the panel, these sit on the dash and fastened with 4 screws and 6 Insulated Terminals (supplied). Fits to motorcycle, car ,most type vehicles. Specification: Color: Black Indicator's color: Blue Material: ABS + metal Size: about 14.8x4.2x5cm USB Charger: Operating voltage: 12V Interface: 2 Output: DC 5V 2.1A Max Indicator: Blue LED Widely used with electric equipment for power supply: Vehicle,GPS, mobile phone, camera, mp3 (cannot smoke) Allow any automotive with a cigarette plug attachment to be used with these surface mount cigarette sockets. Voltage Meter: Operating Range: DC 4-24V Display: Digital display The meter has easy to read red LED segments and connect to your 12 volt system. Cigarette Lighter: Operating Voltage: DC 12V Barrel inner diameter:2.1cm/0.83" Barrel inner length:3.6cm/1.42" Can be used to light cigarettes: No Wiring kit for cigarette lighters to install in any 12V-24V motorbike, Boat, Riding mower, tractor or car. Optimised for iPad, iPhone & iPod - fast charging at full speed (2.1Amps for iPad, 1Amp for iPhone/iPod). Apply to all USB charging mobile phones or other electronic products. Run multiple accessories at one time, very convenient and easy to use. Package Included: 1x 12-24V Dual USB Adapter Charger + Cigarette Lighter Sockets + Digital Voltmeter 4x Screws 6x Insulated Terminals
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