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40mm stainless steel metal latching waterproof doorbell bell horn led push button switch car auto engine start pc power symbol купить по лучшей цене

Suitable for outdoor hunting animal monitoring security surveillance and also can be as a normal camera; With 42-LED and 2-IR LED; Lighting range: 20m; Full Automatic IR filter can auto switch to color shooting; Max. standby time: 6 months; Dua PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared) sensing design: max. sensing range: 120 degree 20m; Main PIR: 40 degree; Side PIR: each 30 degree for left / right; Start speed: 1s; Convenient menu operation; Built-in microphone and speaker; With USB 2.0 and TV-Out function; Main functions: shooting video recording continuous shooting triggering interval set password set serial No. set time switch periodic shot temperature measuring battery indication and auto power off under low battery; Waterproof rating: IP45
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