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4mm 7x19 grade 304 high tensile structure core stainless steel wire rope cable wick high quality wick diy купить по лучшей цене

3 Size Stainless Steel Wire Ring Keychain Ring Quickdraw EDC Tool Description: This keychain is made of stainless steel with three different size(11*0.15cm,15*0.2cm,20*0.2cm) meeting your different demands.Ii is experienced 20kg tensile testing,firm and not easy to loose.It can be used as keychain,quickdraw,steel wire ring. Specifications: Brand:AOTDDOR Material:204 stainless steel Color:silver,gold Size: Model Length Wire diameter Ring diameter 11*0.15cm 11cm 1.5mm 3.5cm 15*0.2cm 15cm 2mm 4.5cm 20*0.2cm 20cm 2mm 6.5cm Features: Durable and excellent workmanship Experienced 20kg tensile testing,firm not easy to loose multifunctions all in one(keychain,quickdraw,steel wire ring) Package included: 1X Stainless Steel Wire Ring 11cm 15cm 20cm
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