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7x19 strand 10mm diameter stainless steel wire rope fishing rope extra fine wire mold rope купить по лучшей цене

Steel buckle can adjust the size of the hand-ring plug safe escape rope Black Model: Steel buckle can adjust the size of bracelet-style plug safe escape rope Quantity: 1 Color: Black Material: Nylon rope + stainless steel features: safe escape rope most Best Application: family car camping hiking camping hiking traveling blade type: wrist damped product Overview: emergency safe escape rope Description: This emergency escape rope can be quickly disassembled safety in the rope as you need it into one of up to three meters lifeline. This product is prepared from high quality nylon clasp and buckle made ​​of handmade fashion beautiful bracelet is suitable for everyday wear jewelry highlight your outdoor player's identity as can be disassembled with some rope (diameter risers if necessary about 4 mm single rope under tension in 280KG; wire saw silver stainless steel is about 70cm saw about 59cm suitable for field sawing wood / plastic / rubber / soft metal etc.
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