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GX-K9 Adjustable Stereo Gaming Hifi Headphone with Mic Features: Brief but cool design. 3.5mm audio plug compatible with any music device using 3.5mm port, including desktop, notebook, music player, MP3/MP4, cellphone, iPad, tablet, and etc. Hifi sound, high speed of sound transmission reduces the loss of the quality of sound. Soft cushioned earplugs for maximum comfort. Full vegetable tanning material, comfortable for wearing. Extreme light earphone body, sharply reduce the burden of a long time wearing. 1.73m length of cable which can promise flexible and free movement of your body. Adjustable length of the headband and soft and comfortable cushion ear cups. With volume control in line. High-sensitivity and noise cancellation. 135 degree rotatable and twistable of the microphone. The braided cable is durable and not easy to be in a mess. Specifications: Color: black &red Cable length: 1.73 m Driver Unit: 40mm Earphone Type: wired headset Impedance: 32ohm15% Sensitivity: 120dB3dB Frequency response: 20-20000Hz Max input power: 50mW Mic frequency range: 20-20000Hz Mic sensitivity: -58dB3dB Plug: 3.5mm Package: 1 x Stereo Gaming Headphone
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