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academic performance of african students in taiwan купить по лучшей цене

Academic Achievement: The Role of Stress, Self-Concept and Motivation. A must-read book for students, teachers, parents, researchers, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders in education. There is a global agenda of achieving education for all because of this, the curriculum has been enriched, infrastructure has been expanded to ensure higher academic achievement of students yet there is some evidence of low academic performance of students. The ability to afford education or go to school is not enough but having positive self-concept, the right motivation and the ability to manage academic stress is very critical for students' performance. The authors of this book introduce innovative ideas based on their research works and experiences along with other relevant theories and state-of-the art research works by experts in the field. The authors gathered current empirical studies from the work of expertise in the field to support their findings and discussions which make the book a recipe to read. Readers of the book may get insight on the roles academic stress, academic self-concept and academic motivation play in academic performance of students.

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