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aluminum touchpad stylus pen for ipad iphone 4 silver купить по лучшей цене

3.5mm anti-dust plug attached for easy carrying. Plug it into 3.5mm port of your device and use the stylus convenient no need to worry about the pen fall off to the ground . Use a touch screen stylus to prevent your screen from scratching and fingerprint built-in compact and light weight plastic head for protecting your screen and increasing the sensitivity. The sensitive stylus tip gives you the smoothest navigation. Do you own a device with a capacitive touch screen? Tired of using your big fat finger to operate it? Getting an electrical signal from traditional stylus pens is a bust. People have been known to use wieners and sausages as their stylus in cold weather but that's a bit greasy and messy. There are solutions available at DX now. This is a wonderful companion to any media device with a capacitive screen.? This wonderful gadget attaches itself to your device via a 3.5mm headphone jack. Just plug the rubber dust stopper into the headphone jack for easy stylus storage and keep all that dust out of the inside of your device. Not only will this keep you device free of annoying dust behind your screen but it will improve the life of it as well. The stylus is easy to use and works with all capacitive screens.? It keeps your screen free and clear of annoying greasy fingerprints as well. ?- Color: Silver - Material: aluminum - Specifically designed for Ipad / Ipad 2 / Iphone - Protects your screen from scratches and fingerprints - Comes with headphone anti-dust plug
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