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aonijie women men 5l upgraded marathon hydration vest pack for 1 5l water bag cycling hiking bag outdoor sport running backpack купить по лучшей цене

It is not the ordinary backpack. It is a waterproof hydration backpack. This backpack with multi compartments has large capacity of 8L. Carry more things when you hike or ride. Waterproof Backpack Made of sturdy nylon, waterproof and wear-resistant. Breathable Shoulder Strap Widen and soften mesh shoulder strap relieve the shoulder burden and make you feel comfortable. Adjustable Chest Strap The chest strap can be adjustable and fits for chest within 80-120 cm. 8L Capacity & Multi Pockets Water bag pocket, water bottle pocket for 350ml holding water bottle, zipper pocket for putting phone under 6.5 inch, shoulder pocket for carrying other items. Wide Applications Perfect for Hiking, biking, jogging, and traveling etc. outdoor activities. Specifications Brand Aonijie Model E883 Name Backpack Material Waterproof Nylon, mesh Capacity 8L Suitable 1.5L Water Bag (Not Included) Product Weight 260g Product Size (L x H) 38 x 25 cm Package Contents 1 x Backpack (Water Bag Is Not Included)
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