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Brand Meeeno Model Joystick shield Quantity 1 Color Orange + black Material Half fiberglass panels + FR4 Features Meeeduino Joystick shield module is based on Freaduino Joystick Shield v2.0 with same Nokia 5110 LCD and RF connectors of nRF24L01 most of functions of Freaduino Joystick Shield v2.0 can be realized on this module with easier design and operation more convenient for user to development. Specification With stable RF connector of nRF24L01 and Nokia 5110 LCD interface 1 PS2 joystick and 4 round shape buttons 2 small pressing key. Working voltage: DC 5.0V. Application Suitable Arduino education DIY projects open-source programs MCU learning and experiment. English Manual/Spec Yes(electronic format) Other A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards. Packing List 1 x Joystick shield module
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