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aroma ah 83 instrument stand aluminium alloy wall hanger hook holder stand for bass guitar ukelele violin neck support racks купить по лучшей цене

The Aroma AT-201 features clip-on design, 360° rotatable, designed for the tuning of guitar, chromatic, bass, violin, ukulele and etc. With compact size, easy to carry. Features Clip-on design, convenient to fix on the instrument. High brightness LCD screen with backlit, showing the tuning status. Green means it is in tune, red means it is out of tune. 360° rotatable design, convenient for reading the tuning status in different directions. Suitable for tuning guitar, chromatic, bass, violin, ukulele and etc. Compact design for maximum portability. Specifications Brand Aroma Model AT-201 Tuning Mode Auto Tuning Accuracy ±0.5 cent Tone Frequency Range A0(27.5 Hz)-C8(4186.0 Hz) Product Weight 22g Product Size 8.80 x 4.70 x 1.50 cm Package Contents 1 x Guitar Electric Tuner, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Battery
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