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St. Catherine's is one of the cities that combine the religious character of the geographical nature of the outstanding climate nature of the economic nature of the private at the same time, they built the city by one of the most important and oldest ancient Christian churches in the world, a city-mediated Sinai desert and supervised at the highest area, namely, the city maintains a temperate climate summer while burning villages and nearby cities, including from the desert heat, a city rich water resources, especially groundwater, which gives it an abundance of agricultural production throughout the year. Therefore, the city of St. Catherine is one of the more cities Sinai desert privacy and unique and distinctive, this city is located at the highest places and populated areas in the Sinai desert, where sits on top of a hill thousand and six hundred meters higher above sea level, is surrounded by a range of mountains, it is considered the mountain top in the Sinai desert region but it is also the highest in all regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Supreme Council of Antiquities was recorded in Egypt, "the Monastery of St. Catherine" in 1993 as one of the Egyptian antiquities.
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