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car auto scratching repairing touch up paint pen black 12ml купить по лучшей цене

Mark scrawl on a tires rubber smooth surface such as painting a tyre LOGO white and highlights the letter make you car individual. Marking up at the tire need to repair; Can draw a picture which you like on the tire. Due to different size and style of the tires the letters size and number are not sureso one pen can draw one tire a car with four tires need six pens motorcycle need three pens. So before buy the pen you'd better ensure how many pens you need. Directions for use: clean the tire before you paint a picture and think about the pictures well before drawing. Shake thoroughly the pen 30 to 50 times don't open the lid and shake don't close to the car shake prevent light out. Press the pen mouth about 4~5 times until the oil exudation close the pen tightly after use avoid the oil ink evaporation.
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