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car push button switch with blue led indicator 12v vehicle diy купить по лучшей цене

Description: 12V 16mm Angel Eye Metal illuminated LED Push Button Switch Car Dash Specifications: Material Contact Silver alloy Button Nickel plated brass / Stainless stell Enclosure Nickel plated brass / Stainless stell Base PA66 Mounting hole size 16mm Switch combination 1NO 1NC Operation types Resetable Head shape Flat Lamp type Ring luminated Degree of protection IPP67, IK10 Tail configuration Connection terminal(1.8x0.4mm) Switch specifications 5A/250VAC Contact resistance 50m Insulation resistance >1000m Dielectric intensity 2000VAC Ambient temperature -20~+55 Machanical life 500,000 cycles Electrical lif 50,000 cycles Panel thickness 1~10mm Nut torque 5~14Nm Operation pressure About 3~5N Operation stroke About 2.5mm LED life 40000 hours LED Color Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/White/Orange Package included: 1X Button Switch
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