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Connect your OTG-enabled smartphone to compatible USB input devices such as keyboards, mice, thumb drives, and more. Teclast Micro USB Male to USB 2.0 Feamle OTG Adapter Micro USB connector: For your smartphones and tablets with Micro USB OTG function. USB port: Can be connected to a USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, USB fan and other USB devices. Transfer speed: Transfer rates up to 480Mbps. Easy to carry: With a compact design, it easily slips into your pocket. Plug and play: No drivers or apps required. Specifications NameMicro USB OTG Adapter BrandTeclast Data Transfer480Mbps Connector 1Micro 5-Pin USB Male Connector 2USB 2.0 A Female Product Weight3g Product Size 18L x 18W x 9H mm
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