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din7991 304 stainless steel hex socket head self tapping screw m3 m4 m5 m6 screw flat head screw купить по лучшей цене

Description: T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench with 5pcs M3-M8 Machine Screw Thread Metric Plug Tap Machinist Tool Specification: Material: Stainless steel Length of wrench: 85mm Size of screw taps: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm Type Thread Diameter Total Length M3 3mm(M3) 45mm M4 4mm(M4) 54mm M5 5mm(M5) 50mm M6 6mm(M6) 59mm M8 8mm(M8) 62mm Features: All-steel design with chromium-plated finish for the highest durability. Beautifully precise ratcheting action for high quality work. Adjustable T-Handle can be "slipped" from side to side for positioning convenience and added leverage in tight places. Easily switched from left to right handed operation, or locked for non-ratcheting use. Parallel-clamping tool steel jaws and knurled chuck provide a secure, firm grip on hex or square drives. Designed for using with taps and can also use on the left hand tap, reamers, screw extractors and other tools with a square shank. Tap Wrench operate main point: 1. The good pit hole must chamfering chamfer first 2. To use drill clamp supporting tap 3. Tap to vertical alignment operation 4. Cut into rotation level 2-3 times 5. confirm vertical after Cut into 6. Tapping 3/4 turn after a quarter back feeling 7. level reversal pull out after working 8. Remember that cutting metal need to use with the oil Package Included: 1 x Wrench 5 x Screw Taps More Details:
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