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Description: 260pcs M3 Nylon Black Hex Screw Nut M-F Stand-off Set Assortment Kit Box Specification: Item: M3 Nut & Screw Sets Material: Nylon Color: Black Working temperature: -30 ~ 130 Box Size: 17.5x10x2.3cm Quantity: 260pcs ( parts distributed show as the following chart: ) Assorted kit list: Type Length (Size) Quantity Nuts M3 60 Hex Spacers M3 20 Screws M3 x 6mm 20 Screws M3 x 12mm 20 Screws M3 x 20mm 20 Hexagon nylon column M36mm 15 Hexagon nylon column M310mm 15 Hexagon nylon column M315mm 15 Hexagon nylon column M320mm 15 Hexagon nylon column M36mm+6mm 15 Hexagon nylon column M310mm+6mm 15 Hexagon nylon column M315mm+6mm 15 Hexagon nylon column M320mm+6mm 15 Feature: a. Type specification complete, the quality is reliable. b. Never rust, beautiful, practical, durable and convenient for using. c. Packed in a plastic box, good for storage and difficult to damage. d. Nylon has the characteristics of insulativity,Non-Magnetic,thermal insulation,corrosion resistance and etc. e. Application in electronics, computers, PC board, DIY hobby etc. to replace the screw fasteners. Package Included: 1x 260pcs M3 Nylon Black Screw Nut Set More Details:
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