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video Love music boxes but never seem to be able to find the song you really want? With this DIY Music Box, you can create the music you've always wanted. It is operated by turning the hand crank as the music strip is fed through the music box. Write your musical note on the paper strip, and use the puncher to punch the holes. Then put it inside the music box movement and stir the shaft, then it can make the sound. Features Made of high-quality zinc alloy, solid and durable. Three paper strips and one puncher are included, you can write your musical note and punch the holes to create your own melody. With the hand crank, you can control the rhythm by yourself. Play any song you wish, a must have item for musicians crafters and lovers. Suitable for all ages and you do not have to know how to play a musical instrument. Note: The songs of the music box on the attached paper strip can play music wit the DIY Music Box after punching. Specifications Name DIY Music Box Type Music Box Material Zinc Alloy Technique Electroplating Product Weight 150g Package Weight 220g Product Size 10 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm Package Size 11 x 6 x 4 cm Package Contents 1 x DIY Music Box Movement 3 x Paper Strip 1 x Puncher
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