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Aroma AGS-08 Foldable Metal Stand For Guitar Description: Brand:Aroma Size:153*99*31mm Weight:500g Color: Black Red Gold Silver Purple Blue Green (7 colors for option) Good for all sizes of acoustic guitars,electric guitars,basses,ukuleles,violins,mandolins...and so on. Foldable Metal Stand *Whole alumimum tube,much more stronger and powerful *Creative adjustable lock design enhanced stability and easy to fold *Easy to operate and carry along *The open-close mechanism patent design make it much more stable *Flxible contact pad allows full contact to ensure security *Soft silicone cushion with sepcial decorative pattern to protect your instrument also avoid silp *Adjustable supporting bars to fit your instruments very well *7 colors for option Package Included: 1 x AGS-08 Foldable Metal Stand
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