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Here are Maurizio Pollini's compelling interpretations — paired with two now legendary conductors - of five piano masterworks performed with the Vienna Philharmonic at home, the Musikverein's magnificent "golden hall". In Mozart and Beethoven the camera captures the pianist's virtuosity as well as his empathy with Karl Bohm as they document the only two Mozart concertos that Pollini has ever released. For the Brahms concerto Pollini is joined by a young Claudio Abbado creating great music-making in which this essential repertoire is joyfully illuminated by two kindred spirits. Tracklist: Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No. 3, op. 37 Piano Concerto No. 5, op 73 "Emperor" Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No. 19, KV 459 Piano Concerto No. 23, KV 488 Johannes BrahmsPiano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major, op. 83
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