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new 120 mesh 125 micron stainless steel woven wire cloth screen filter 30x90cm for home diy tools купить по лучшей цене

Video This pour over coffer filter adopts high quality 304 stainless steel material, sturdy and durable, it is a great alternative to disposable paper filters. Features Made of stainless steel material, reusable, eco-friendly and durable. Pour over coffee drippers balance between a coffee press and paper filter brew for a clean yet flavorful cup of coffee. Double mesh design, keeps the coffee grounds in the filter and sustain the coffee oils and flavors. Removable rubber grip for safe and thermal insulation, easy to grip and can be removed easily for washing. The stand is designed to fit on most cups, mugs, thermoses, small pots and even carafes. Specifications Type Coffee filter Material Stainless steel Funnel Diameter 115mm Package Contents 1 x Coffer Filter
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