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Description Protect your camera and camera accessories with this chic Benro CWS30 Nylon Camera Bag, which can hold up to one DSLR cameras, two lenses and one flashlight. Features Specially Designed for DSLR SLR Camera For a custom fit and a full protection. Camera Bag Organize one camera, two lenses and other personal things. Water-proof Nylon Material Built-in rain cover ensures added reliable protection. Zippered Front Pocket Let you easily reach your accessories. Padded Shoulder Strap Carry the bag for long-lasting comfort. Compact Design Provides plenty of storage space and ideals for outdoor photography. Specification Name Camera Bag Brand Benro Model CWS30 Material Nylon 420T Water Proof Capacity 1 Camera + 2 Lens + 1 Flashlight Bag Size 26 x 20 x 28cm Weight 700g
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