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Steel Wire Safety Anti-cutting Gloves Gardening Outdoor Protection Tool Cut resistance gloves can reduce the harm by sharp material such as pruning shear, dagger, triangular scraper, glass, stone, etc. Specification: Color: black, white Size: 24.5x12cm / 9.64x4.72" (5mm/0.19") Material: polyethylene fiber + stainless steel wire Anti-cutting level: level 5 Wearing coefficient: level 3 Tensile-strength coefficient: level 4 Working temperature: -20 ~ +100 / -4 ~ 212 Application: gardening work, glass production, machine manufacturing, personal defense, or etc. Feature: Soft and washable just like normal brace Flexible, one size fits most person Elastic long protective sleeve Stainless steel wire, reduce the incised wound Package Contents: 1 x Pair of Anti-cutting Gloves Warm Tip: You will get a better effect if the Gloves are used with Anti-cutting Sleeves together. Click here to see more details of Sleeves. (ID:1048626)
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