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t8 600mm stainless steel lead screw coupling shaft mounting 1x motor 1pc screw nut 2pcs mounted ball bearing купить по лучшей цене

Description: T8 600mm Stainless Steel Lead Screw Set with Mounted Ball Bearing and Shaft Coupling Feature: Easy to install. Durable with high precision. Can withstand great weight. Suitable For: Industrial automation equipment, stepper motor rails; such as 3D printers; engraving machine; XYZ module; slider; lifts etc. Specification: Lead Screw: Material Stainless Steel Diameter 8mm Length 600mm Nut: Material Brass Diameter 8mm Pitch 2mm Mounted Ball Bearing: Material Zinc Alloy Model 608RS Bore Diameter 8mm Total Size Approx. 55x13x30mm Hole Diameter Approx. 4.6mm Holes Centre Distance Approx. 40mm Quantity 2pcs Shaft Coupling: Material Aluminium Shaft 6.35mm x 8mm Length 25mm Diameter 20mm Size 20mm x 20mm x 25mm Mechanical Dimension: Package Included: 1x Lead Screw 1x Screw Nut 2x Mounted Ball Bearing 1x Shaft Coupling More Details:
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