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Studies on species composition, prevalence, natural parasitism, relative abundance of pupal parasitoids of Musca domestica L. were carried out in different dairy farms of Chidambaram Town, Tamilnadu, India two species of parasitoids Spalangia cameroni and Spalangia endius were recorded in all dairy farms. Spalangia cameroni was the dominant species. The relative abundance of parasitoid species obtained from by pooling the individual parasitoids emerged from the collected house fly puparia was analysed. The survival of Spalangia cameroni was significantly differed with different types of food. Life table analyses were also carried out for the both parasitoids. Influence of food as adult parasitoid survival, host parasitoid interaction. The reproductive potential of Spalangia cameroni and Spalangia endius was studied. The effect of temperature on survival and reproductive potential of both parasitoids was studied at different temperatures.

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