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upgraded watch band link removal tool kit with 2 spare pins and 1 stainless steel remover repair for watchmaker strap bracelet купить по лучшей цене

27pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit with Carrying Case for Watchmaker A complete professional set watch repair tools. Can be used for repair clock, watch, wristwatch etc. 27pcs watch repair tools, helps to fix any problems with your watch. The watch repair kit helps you to open watchcase, repair watchband and internal movement, replace watch batteries etc. The Repair Kit Includes 1 x Plier 1 x Red Watch Case Opener Knife 1 x Stainless Steel Tweezer 1 x Grey Watch Strap Bracelet Holder 1 x Watch Case Holder 1 x Hammer 1 x 10X Magnifying Glass 1 x Stainless Steel Watch Case Opener 1 x Box of Interchangeable Fittings for Watch Case Opener 1 x 4pcs Pins for Watch Band Remover 1 x Waterproof Paste 1 x Watch Band Remover 1 x Cleaning Cloth 1 x Double Ended Spring Bar Remover 1 x Pin Vice 1 x Single Ended Spring Bar Remover 1 x Red Dust Blower 3 x Pin Punches 4 x Screwdrivers 3 x Watch Band Punches(2mm 3mm 3.5mm) 1 x Carrying Case
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