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There is nothing powerful than the determination of a woman. It is that instinct to survive and nurture others that makes a woman so resilient in the face of challenges. I have reached out to women to the lowest status of our society and found only smiling faces, full of hope and zeal to make things better some day some how. This woman whom society has discarded, relegated to spaces far below the basics of her well being. It is this woman whom society has undressed and left naked for all to see. It is this woman whom HIV/AIDS has attacked and left ravaged. It is this woman whom society has left out in the open stripped of land, shelter, power, income, future, security, peace and personal dignity. It is this woman who is not wallowing in self pity, but determined to correct the wrongs of how the society has defined her. This woman I have come to strongly admire, praise and long to hold her hand and encourage her to persist, seek for answers until the light at the end of the tunnel is enough for her to see. The woman who bears the world in her hands; the future of a new sustainable world. That unseen, unsung hero of earth's salvation. That woman who gains just like the man.

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