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zgpax s5 watch smart phone dual core 1 54 inch capacitive touch screen android 4 0 512mb ram 4g rom 2mp camera with gps silver black купить по лучшей цене

Tri-proof (waterproof dustproof shockproof) rugged Android Phone S9 with 4.5 Inch screen Walkie Talkie SOS GPS Laser Light bright LED torch Compass and more. It is an essential equipment when travel and outdoor sports. Ultra rugged the brand new android Tri-poof walkie talkie smart phone ZGPAX S9 is now available in stock at DX. More tough and strong than any other phone the S9 comes protected by sturdy and durable outer layer of hard ABS and rubber making it shock resistant so that even drop from a height wont harm the phone. Fully sealed even stay in 1 meter depth water or mud sand and water cannot ingress the phone IP67 ! The PTT walkie talkie effective distance is four kilometers you can still contact your partners as long as they are equipped with this Tri-proof smart phone S9 and set to the same channel when outdoor no cell phone signals. Designed to bear any kind of environment effect the tri-proof android smart phone ZGPAX S9 is perfect for those who work in rough conditions where normal phone could not survive in. Mud dust water shock drops sand nothing will be able to take out this rugged smart phone. Even better the S9 comes equipped with a built in GPS and compass to assist you when driving or locating waypoints and one key SOS friends will get your distress message when need help. Equipped with a walkie talkie emitter the Tri-proof smart phone ZGPX S9 can be used as PTT walkie talkie free talking between phones within 4 kilometers. Built in big capacity 4100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery the using time is about 3 times as normal android phones and bright LED torch its more suitable for traveling or outdoors. Built-in red laser pointer the phone can also be used during meetings and presentations. Now in stock the ultra rugged tri-proof Android smart phone can be shipped out soon and comes with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale smart gadgets DX!
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