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zgpax s6 1 54 touch screen dual core android 4 0 3g smart phone watch w camera wi fi silver au купить по лучшей цене

3G Android Smart Phone Watch featuring a 1.54 Inch Touch Screen Display that even has a Camera plus it can deliver a great performance due to having a Dual Core CPU resulting in an excellent piece wrist wear. Smart phone watches have just become even smarter especially the ZGPAX S6 3G smart phone watch that is now available at DX. This black strapped masterpiece is exactly what the modern day individual needs when it comes to sophistication and practically with a wrist-watch. Having many benefits the ZGPAX S6 watch makes smart phones unnecessary as you can ring and talk to people as well as text via the smartphone watch itself as it has a GSM or 3G SIM card slot. No more rooting through your pocket or bag to look for your phone when it starts ringing as you can simply hold your wrist up to your face and talk that way saving time and weight as this phone watch is much lighter than a regular mobile phone. There is Bluetooth connectivity available with the ZGPAX S6 that allows you to sync and pair with other Bluetooth compatible devices such as mobile phones. The user-interface is simple to use on the 1.54 inch screen display plus it is also touch screen so it will detect even the slightest touch. Also making this watch phone even smarter is the Android operating system that is pre-installed allowing for simple navigation as well as creating your own lay-out and app placement in addition to the rich Google Play store that has abundance amount of apps ready to be downloaded. You can update your Facebook tweet on Twitter or play games all from the expediency from your wrist with this SZPAX S6 3G smart phone watch. A really clever function with this smart phone watch is that it can take photos due to having a built-in camera resulting in clear images that were taken directly from your wrist. Because it is not as big or as bulky as a mobile phone you may think that this smart phone watch does not perform well however it has a dual core process that can reach speeds of up to 1GHz. By using a dual core processor the ZGPAX S6 watchs performance can match many mobile phones on the market today. Running applications and multitasking will not be a problem as it has more than one core to deal with the whole operating process. The era of smart phone watches keeps changing and DX is ensuring that it does not miss out so that is why the ZGPAX S6 smart phone watch is now on sale. The ZGPAX S6 is in stock now and ready for shipment within one working day. Available only from the leaders in high quality wholesale electronics and smart phone watches DX.
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