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Zogin D0303 Remote Door Chimes kit comes ready to use and is easy to install - no wiring required. With a 200m transmission range, you will always know when your visitors have arrived. Includes two doorbell receivers and one push button transmitter. Zogin Battery Operated Remote Door Chimes with Push Button 16 chime tunes with adjustable volume control. Up to 200 transmission range. IP44 waterproof rating. Easy to install, no wiring required. Connect multiple push buttons for notification from multiple entrances. Push button requires one 12V 23A battery. (included) Each chime requires 2 x AA battery. (not included) Specifications Brand Zogin ModelD0303 Name Remote Door Chime Doorbell Size 104 x 69 x 23 mm Push Button Size 40 x 75 x 21 mm
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